Generative Dictionaries on the Web

Last updated 9/17/2019

The following is a list of the generative dictionaries publicly viewable on the web that I am aware of.

"Generative dictionary" here means any site, bot, or other computational thing that generates new words in an existing language, and assigns them meanings.

If you know of anything else that belongs in this list, want to submit a correction, or want your own work to be removed from this list, you can contact me at this email address.

-- Robin Hill

Boazim Bot

English / specialized

Boazim Bot generates English boazims - a combination of two words into one in which the identities of the original words are unclear.


by Martin O'Leary

neural network
Oxford English Dictionary
site | twitter

Dictionarish generates English words, tagged with part of speech, along with definitions, pronunciations, and sometimes etymological origin. It uses a recurrent neural network.

Fantastic Vocab

by Greg Borenstein

site | twitter

Fantastic Vocab generates English words, tagged for part of speech, and definitions. Its web site collects submissions of usages of its words. It combines elements drawn from actual English words in sets of three according to a certain pattern.

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by Mike Lynch

neural network
Python, Torch-RNN
site | twitter | mastodon ( | mastodon ( | instagram (illustrated selections) | github

Glossatory generates English words and short definitions. It uses a recurrent neural network.

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by Ross Goodwin

neural network
Python, Char-RNN, badwords.json
Oxford English Dictionary, public submissions
tumblr | twitter | github

Lexiconjure generates English words, tagged for part of speech and other properties, along with definitions and sometimes alternate forms or etymological origin. It uses a recurrent neural network as well as a genetic algorithm. It was trained on the Oxford English dictionary but also accepts new data from Twitter.

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Lyre's Dictionary

by Robin Hill

Python, pattern.en
site | twitter | mastodon | github

Lyre's Dictionary generates English words, tagged for part of speech, and short definitions. It uses a stock of actual English word elements of Latin origin, annotated for use with combining rules.

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Power Vocab Tweet

by Allison Parrish

markov chain

Power Vocab Tweet generates English words, tagged for part of speech, with short definitions. It uses a markov chain generator drawing from definitions on WordNet.

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by Stephanie Hyland

English, Esperanto
twitter | github

Vortidplenigilo generates Esperanto words along with English glosses of their components. It selects a random root and applies affixes according to combining rules.

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