I'm a professional software developer, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. I'm interested in various forms of computer-driven art and creativity, including video games, procedural generation, and bots.

The things I've made are here on this site. I hope you enjoy!

- Robin


The Lonely Dwarves

Four dwarves save the world.
iOS RPG from Spazcosoft.


Spend time in bed.
Made for Self Care Jam 2016.

Fermi Patrol

Protect humanity from alien life.
Made for FermiJam 2016.

procedural generation & bots

Lyre's Dictionary
Generates novel English words.

Required Reading
Generates random textbook titles.

Bone-Nine Name Generator
Procedural fan art for Tamsyn Muir's Gideon the Ninth. Name your Ninth House OCs.

retired bots

Gorgar Speaks
Homage to the first talking pinball machine.

Barbarella GIF Bot
Posted GIFs from the 1968 film Barbarella.

Stock Photo Dog
Responded like a very excited dog.


Po┼Ła Reta Vortaro
Esperanto dictionary for iOS.

Esperanta Klavaro
Esperanto keyboard for iOS.

Browser extension that adds diaereses and ligatures to web pages.


Generative Dictionaries on the Web
Catalogue of publicly visible generative dictionary projects.

Whom Do You Serve?
Game developer morality manifesto and holy oath. Made for Manifesto Jam 2018.

Kanjono Taroko
Esperanto translation of Nick Montfort's Taroko Gorge.